HUAWEI Experimenting GOOGLE'S Fuchsia OS With Honor Smartphone

HUAWEI Experimenting GOOGLE'S Fuchsia OS With Honor Smartphone, Report
Chinese smartphone maker Huawei's sub-brand Honor has turned into the first test-bed  for Google's in-development operating system (OS) Fuchsia. 

For as far back as couple of months, Google's apparently secretive Fuchsia OS is reportedly being developed. While Google has never ventured ahead and affirmed anything about it, yet the gossipy tidbits around it have been relentless. 

As per a report by 9To5Google,an engineer from Huawei specifically uncovered that the organization has been taking a shot at making the fledgling OS keep running on devices dependent on their "Kirin 970" processor beginning with the 'Honor Play' smartphone, reported on Friday. "Booted Zircon on Kirin 970 based ‘Honor Play’ smartphone,” the engineer wrote in the post.

The report proposes that a new submit in the source code of Fuchsia OS recommends that Huawei has been trying it on the Honor Play smartphone. Furthermore, as indicated by XDA Developer, if Huawei is passing by the Honor Play's chipset, which is Kirin 970, at that point we may before long observe the Fuchsia OS shaking the Huawei P20 lineup, the Huawei Mate 10 lineup, the Honor 10, the Honor View 10, and a couple of others. 

Tragically, due to political issues, a significant number of these devices including Honor Play are not available for sale in the US which would make it troublesome for enthusiasts in that nation to get their hands on one, the report included. In August 2016, it was uncovered that Google was starting work on a new OS to add to Google's present OS contributions — Android and Chrome OS. 

Reports recommend that Fuchsia might be planned to replace the Android operating system totally, and conceivably even Chrome OS as well.

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