Samsung May Introduce Night Mode Called "Bright Night" For Smartphone Camera

Samsung May Introduce Night Mode Called "Bright Night" For Smartphone Camera
According to a report from XDA Developers, Samsung has been working on a new low-light camera mode called Bright Night which apparently would allow users to "take bright pictures even in very dark conditions.”

The code says that it will enable you to "take splendid pictures even in exceptionally dull conditions," which resembles the functionality we've seen from Google's Night Sight mode and Huawei's Night Mode. 

Given how Samsung likes to make a big appearance new photography features with every flagship handset, XDA estimates that the organization might going to do likewise with Bright Night and the forthcoming Galaxy S10, which is relied upon to be declared before the finish of February 2019. 

For the present, it's hard to decide precisely how Bright Night will function, however from what little information is right now available, the features seems to be a direct response to Google’s Night Sight mode, also Huawei's Night Mode, which likewise produces great-looking low-light photos.

On the Pixel 3, Night Sight takes several pictures and join them together to make well-lit low-light shots. Samsung’s code for Bright Night hints it’ll work in a similar fashion.

In contrast to some night modes, for example, OnePlus' Nightscape, which work fundamentally to clarify and detail shots made in low-light instead of brightening the entire image, the code plots the mode's capability to "take bright pictures even in very dark conditions" much like how the Pixel 3 treats its dark pictures.

As rumors skim around about the S10 collection's potential six lenses - which isn't too far-fetched considering about that the A9 was just released earlier this month with a whopping four rear cameras -- new modes and camera features are sure to make an entrance.

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