iPhone Gets New Feature Now Google Assistant Lets You Activate It Using A Siri Shortcut

Google Assistant New iPhone Feature Lets you activate It Using A Siri Shortcut
It's been about 18 months since Google Assistant became available on iPhone, yet it's dependably been much more work to use than Siri on the grounds that iOS users can't make Google Assistant their default voice assistant. 

iOS 12 included a new feature called Siri Shortcuts that lets Apple's voice assistant drive different applications on iPhones and iPads. Google has had an iOS application for its Assistant for a long time yet recently included help for Siri shortcuts. 

The feature has been utilized from multiple points of view, yet for this situation, Google has pushed a update to present Assistant support for Siri Shortcuts.This implies Siri would now be able to be called to trigger Google Assistant. 

Once you've updated the Google Assistant application on your iOS device, you can program the "Ok Google" or "Hello Google" shortcut into Siri. 

At that point, you'd have the capacity to launch the Assistant directly by calling out "Hello Siri, Hey Google" or "Hello Siri, Ok Google." 

Google has a more sophisticated digital assistant compared with Apple, generally on account of the colossal amount  of internet search data and user data it gathers, so a few iOS users are upbeat to have the alternative, and the enhanced similarity. 

Do remember that in the event that you need to do the entire process using only your voice, your iPhone should be unlocked to enable Siri to launch Google Assistant. So once more, using Google Assistant on an iPhone won't be as smooth all things considered on an Android phone, however this is definitely an improvement.

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