​This iPhone Hack Has Been Going Viral And It's Blowing People's Minds

​This Viral iPhone Hack And It's Blowing People's Minds
There's nothing more awful than getting half of the way through a text, finding a spelling mistake amidst a sentence and after that dragging the cursor forward and backward trying to get remotely close to the word.

A new iPhone hack that has been going viral on Twitter has uncovered that on the off chance that you click and hold the space bar you can utilize it as a joystick to move the cursor so you can without much of a stretch right an error.

Thanks to a fortuitous discovery by a fellow iPhone user, there's a more straightforward way. At the point when Krissy Brierre-Davis was messaging as of late, she realized she could hold down the space bar to achieve a particular spot in the message she was composing.

This new trick will spare you the pain and disappointment and the unavoidable typo you wind up sending since you can't be wasted time with the worry of endeavoring to move the cursor.

She shared her discovery on Twitter and caused so much commotion and excitement, it went viral.

On the off chance that you need to execute this hack properly ensure you click down decisively and firmly on the space bar to get things going.

At that point ensure you sit tight for the 'ghost cursor' (a paler indicator) to show up on screen before you begin moving your thumb around or you'll simply make a larger number of grammatical errors than you initially had.

The feature is really called "trackpad mode." A similar feature showed up on iPhones with a "3D Touch" function. On those iPhones, you could press and hold anywhere on the keyboard to launch trackpad mode. Be that as it may, the trackpad include on the iOS 12 working system takes a shot at all phones. It was released this fall, so there was a slight postponement in the news spreading. Be that as it may, now it's getting on rapidly.

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