Verizon Is Planning To Launch iPhone Dual SIM Support In Early December

Verizon Is Planning To Launch iPhone Dual SIM Support In Early December
The iOS 12.1 update officially brought dual SIM support to the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, giving users of Apple's newest a chance to group of iPhones take advantage of two SIMs. There's very little support for the feature among major U.S. carriers at this moment, however. 

Verizon is planning to launch dual SIM activations for eSIM and physical SIM cards toward the beginning of December, as per an internal memo seen by 9to5Mac. Assuming genuine, that implies users under Verizon may start taking advantage of dual SIM support on their latest iPhones as soon as December. 

Apple's dual SIM feature was causing a few issues with Verizon. In particular, when a Verizon SIM is pushed into the "secondary" position in the dual SIM setup, the connection gets moved to Verizon's 2G CDMA network.That implies they got slower speeds and lack of coverage, among different issues. This was particularly tricky in areas where Verizon just offers LTE coverage. 

Accordingly, Verizon instantly declined to actuate eSIMs until the point when it settled the problem."Wireless clients will have the capacity to enact Verizon benefit eSIMs when we're sure you'll have the capacity to have the incredible, astounding administration you anticipate from us on both your essential and auxiliary line," Verizon said at the time. 

Dual SIM support is a noteworthy feature of iOS 12.1. It can enable somebody to have two different phone numbers on a single device.It's great to hear that Verizon might planning to support Apple's dual SIM functionality soon, and ideally the other major U.S. carriers pursue.

Source : 9to5mac

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