Full Display Fingerprint Feature On Vivo APEX 2019's

Full Display Fingerprint Feature On Vivo APEX 2019's

The vivo APEX 2019 is a cool idea Smartphone and in that capacity its motivation in life is to be cool. Also, it unquestionably fit the part, look at this video demo beneath. 

There are no button on this APEX mobilephone, so it utilizes the Always-On Display to check where the touch delicate side button. Just the Power key has a little stub so you can feel it without looking, yet it is anything but a genuine catch simply like on the HTC U12+. 

Vivo Apex is most amazing feature in it. Biometric security in the Vivo Apex has one of the first full display fingerprint readers. We’re seeing more and more brands adopt the in-display option and Vivo gives to the market is far better then other phones and Vivo has beaten many to the punch with a reader that works wherever you touch the display it seems.

Vivo Apex have a dual camera setup on the back of the phone, but Vivo not dealed with the technical details, probably because they wouldn’t strictly be relevant for a device that isn’t going to ship. What is curious, however, is the total lack of a selfie camera, without the Nex or original Apex’s pop-up module or the Nex Dual Display Edition’s second screen to provide that functionality. 

The charging or information link snaps on attractively onto the pogo sticks on the back, which appears to be entirely snappy once you become acclimated to it. In any case, you do need to convey an exclusive connector with you. 

Vivo says it wants people to focus on the other innovations in the Apex 2019 concept, which is fair enough but further reinforces the sense that this specific design isn’t likely to be a viable consumer product.

The Apex 2019 is Vivo’s first 5G phone and makes use of Qualcomm’s X50 5G modem. Vivo says it’s using a new stacking technique to make 20 percent of extra motherboard space available for the 5G components without compromising the phone’s overall design. Elsewhere the Apex 2019 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, 256GB of storage and — because why not — 12GB of RAM.

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